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Well, I'm out of the hospital wing. Second time in as many weeks;… - Ill met by moonlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Minda Lisle

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[Jan. 10th, 2004|04:58 pm]
Minda Lisle
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

Well, I'm out of the hospital wing. Second time in as many weeks; this is not good.

Hugh, Sirius, James and Peter aren't anywhere to be found, and Remus refuses to tell me where they are. I'm more concerned over the trouble they might get themselves into than the ethics of getting even with Josh-- he needs a comedown, but I don't want him turning on them next, and James and Sirius are already treading thin ice in regards to retribution.

Be careful, all of you, but if you do manage it, I want every detail. Hugh, if you're not too sick of astronomy, I'll be up in the tower tonight. I'll be up there anyway, if anybody wants to find me, it's a good place to go and think.

[User Picture]From: misterprongs
2004-01-12 12:25 am (UTC)
Minda, I'm surprised at you, do you think that we will actually get caught? James Potter has gotten out of worse than a little twerp-hunting fiasco, and I assure you, that I, nor anyone else for that matter, will get into trouble for the procedings. However, Josh might, seeing as he may feel it proper to blab about everything he has ever done wrong to a single Hogwarts student after we are done with him, but he won't remember who did it to him, because of a wonderful little thing called a memory charm. Wonderful things, those are. Used one on Remus the time I took his owl without asking, and it came back later really tired with a letter for me in it's beak. He never could figure out what happened to his owl afterwards. He remembered it being really tired, but he couldn't remember why. Went on for days about what he was going to do if he caught the person who did that. Actually, that might have been Sirius.

Anyway, I found a boggart, and it's locked up tight, no one will be able to find it until we need it.
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