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Ill met by moonlight

There are places where magic lives still

Minda Lisle
19 January
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Minda Lisle is a Ravenclaw prefect known for her snarkiness and sharp wit, and her penchant for getting into loud arguments with Sirius Black, who may be a seventh year but is still, in her opinion, horribly immature. She is often found sparring with Sirius and (far more amiably) conversing with Remus and her yearmates over at knavish_sprites, but she decided she wanted a journal of her own. If you're looking for unbiased accounts of the Marauders' exploits, it's probably best to look here-- at least if Sirius is the one doing the telling. Minda is also romantically involved with Hugh Tynbridge, and plans to stay that way for the rest of both their lives.

{This journal is purely for my and my friends' entertainment, and should really not be taken seriously. Minda's part of the knavish_sprites RPG group.}