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Recovery - Ill met by moonlight [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Minda Lisle

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Recovery [Jan. 3rd, 2004|04:17 pm]
Minda Lisle
[Current Mood |touchedtouched]

Madam Pomfrey let me out of the Hospital Wing. I wasn't hurt physically, after all (just a little undernourished), and she said the effects of the cell were mainly psychological. In fact, she ordered me outdoors, after I woke up from a nightmare in which my rescue had been a dream and I was still trapped. I think I must have been very shaky looking, because she said food and a romp (yes. Romp, she said.) outside would do me good. So I was plied with chicken noodle soup and set out with Remus and Hugh and everybody for a expedition around the grounds.

It felt very good to be under an open sky. I believe I've started to twitch whenever somebody closes a door. I hope Remus and Hugh understood that pelting them with snowballs did not mean I was ungrateful, but there was such a lot of snow. And we were still maintaining that alliance between the houses-- Hugh and I ganged up against Remus and Peter; Remus throws far harder than anybody ought to be able to. Chaeyz was on our side until a stray snowball of mine hit her (it was an accident, honest!), then she went mercenary and nobody was safe.

Then we visited Hagrid, who was very concerned and gave us tea while we told our story, and all in all I felt quite a lot better by the time we headed back to the castle. But before we did that we built and enchanted more snowmen to greet the coaches when they arrive tomorrow.

And I think Remus forgave us for the snowballs when I slipped on the ice on the castle steps and knocked myself and Hugh right into a snowdrift.

We went in and to the kitchens, and drank hot chocolate until we were warmer, and I feel much better, so the purpose of that little adventure was successful.

[User Picture]From: marauderpups
2004-01-04 08:58 pm (UTC)
I really am very relieved you're feeling so much better. So relieved, in fact, that I forgive you every single snowball.

Except perhaps the one that hit Peter right in the nose, because he then complained about it all afternoon.
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